Sustainability Circles®

What is a Sustainability Circle?

A REV Sustainability Circle® is a comprehensive 6-month peer-learning program that empowers you to improve the way you do business by helping embed sustainable practices across your organization. The outcome is an action- and results-driven customized Sustainability Action Plan that makes the business case for implementing both large and small-scale initiatives.

By participating in a Sustainability Circle, you will gain the knowledge, insights, confidence, connections and results that inspire employee engagement and lead to competitive advantage. You may also like your job a whole lot more.

Take a look at our video and hear what customers themselves have to say about the benefits of Sustainability Circles!

How the Program Works

  • 10 organizations/2 staff from each provide a powerful, diverse local peer-community experience
  • One to one coaching and on-sites in between sessions
  • 6 full-day monthly workshops
    • Comprehensive curriculum covering strategic, tactical & behavioral approaches
    • Subject matter experts in lighting, HVAC, water, waste, metrics, branding and more, with local knowledge
    • Sessions take place at participant locations
    • Utility reps provide specific program information and tours
  • Support for Employee Engagement
  • Implementable customized 5-year Sustainability Action Plan


  • Individual coaching that helps you identify areas ripe for immediate and long-term savings & ROI
  • Highly relevant information from experts on current technologies, incentives, and approaches for better resource and operational efficiency
  • A co-learning platform that generates new insights and ideas for innovation from like-minded peers
  • A comprehensive program with a focus on employee and stakeholder engagement for long-term results
  • An action plan framework that ensures achievable implementation of sustainability initiatives
  • A powerful local peer-learning community for ongoing support and accelerating your sustainability journey

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We are saving about $200,000 annually due to the initiatives we have implemented. Attending the Sustainability Circles is actually giving us a different way of looking at things so we can continue to reduce our costs internally.

Joe Santana

VP Operations, Mi Rancho Tortilla Factory