The Mosser Hotel is one of three boutique hotels owned by the Mosser family, a hidden gem in the heart of Union Square. Opened in 1913, with a major renovation in 2003, the hotel’s 166 rooms provide a unique mix of Victorian charm and modern style, serving both business and leisure travelers. In this REV guest blog, Mosser Assistant General Manager Nish Tamang shares insights on the hotel’s sustainability achievements.


“The very first sustainability program we had was started with the owner, Mr. Mosser. The Mosser family has a strong belief in social responsibility and supports rain forest reforestation, literacy, and various educational projects. A portion of hotel proceeds is donated to these charitable efforts, including reforestation in the Philippines.

Nish Tamang and Mosser Hotel staff

Nish Tamang and Mosser Hotel staff

Our team is really passionate about decreasing our environmental impact and being resource efficient in order to save money. In a competitive market like San Francisco, we’re continually focused on ways to create a better guest experience.  We believe that if we prioritize sustainability and let our guests know that it is important to us, that it will give us an edge over other hotels in the same category.

Even though we had already started looking into some ways to reduce energy and water, the Sustainability Circle made it so much easier to connect to resources to make it happen.

We’re always looking for savings return before we invest in anything. During the course of the Circle we learned that we could change out our showerheads to low flow for free.  We’ve already changed out all the showerheads in our 166 rooms and we anticipate saving $9,354 per year from water savings of 412,070 gallons of per year. That’s a lot of water!  What was really helpful was that the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel was also a participant in our Circle and they had already tried the low flow shower heads. They shared that they hadn’t had any negative feedback from guests which was our main concern.  We tried it out in a few rooms for a few weeks and got no complaints. So we thought, let’s do this! My boss was very happy. It was a win win.

With our more deliberate focus on sustainability, I’ve noticed changes in our employees too. We started doing small things to lead by example, like turning off the lights in the storage rooms that were previously left on all the time.  Once we started doing it, other people followed suit. We’re adopting a new normal.

Outside of work, I am so much more aware of my energy usage at home. My household is taking a challenge to cut our energy bill in half.

I really hope that every facility in San Francisco joins this program. It’s well worth it and you’ll save money, energy, water, energy and make a positive impact.”

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