Christine Bevilacqua is one of our more recent Sustainability Circle coaches at REV. She joined REV in 2015 and is currently coaching two Circles in San Diego, working with organizations such as the San Diego County Office of Education, Hilton Gaslamp, Genomics Institute, United Way and Family Health Centers. In this first “Get to Know” series blog, we asked Christine about her experiences in sustainability and as a REV coach.


Q—Tell us a little about your background

CB — I have a BA in English and recently completed an intensive 2-year MA in Urban Sustainability. My beloved hometown is Cleveland, Ohio but have called San Diego home for almost 20 years. I have a background in Marketing Administration, Property Management and Community Gardening. I can be a bit of a type-A personality, and this is where my love for hot yoga comes in. It really cleanses the mind and body. Yoga constantly reminds me how important it is to unplug and unwind!


How did you become involved in sustainability?

CoachingFrom 1999 to 2008 I lived in a semi-rural area. This was the first time in my life that I lived so close to open native landscape and habitat. It woke me up to the issues of caring for our land and natural resources. Once you start to understand the impact that our wasteful and destructive behaviors have on the planet, there is no turning away. For me at least, I had to become part of the solution.

As a mother, I am deeply concerned with environmental issues like sustainably sourced food, clean water and renewable energy. It is my hope that my daughters will live to see a world that is not dependent on oil and coal. My trip to India last year underscored my growing concern for future generations of the world who are facing the global instability being brought upon us by climate change.


Why do you think it’s particularly important for businesses and communities to focus on sustainability right now?

The trend toward energy conservation and a more circular economy is not going away. It’s wise for any business or community to explore what they can do to be more sustainable. Finding that “low-hanging fruit” is critical to saving energy and money right away, but setting far-reaching goals is also important to stretch ideas and discover new technologies in areas like lighting, waste management and energy.


What do you find most interesting about being a Sustainability Circle coach with REV?

The most interesting part about being a REV Coach is the creation of unexpected connections. We have seen Circle participants with seemingly very little in common learn from each other and form supportive partnerships. I love my job because sustainability is a continual learning process and every Circle participant has unique needs. It keeps us coaches on our toes!


Have you run into any surprises?

I was very pleasantly surprised when two participants from different circles told me they have been thinking about going back to school (one for an MBA and one for her PhD), and after their experience in the REV Circle, they are looking for programs that are in the field of sustainability.


What do you think the future holds in terms of sustainability?

I think the future of sustainability is going to continue to shift toward a “top down” approach, with C-level management embracing sustainability as part of a sound business strategy. Businesses are seeing the need to go beyond recycling programs and lighting retrofits. They are integrating sustainability as part of their overall company culture and mission.


REV has over 40 coaches and assistant coaches who work with Sustainability Circle customers to advance their sustainability initiatives and impact. For more information about how REV coaches work with customers, or to find out what it takes to be a Circle coach, contact us!