by Matt Bogoshian, Chief Strategy Officer & General Counsel, REV

After years working at the local, state and national policy levels helping to prevent pollution, including the greenhouse gas pollution that is heating up our planet, I’ve now decided to help implement some of those same policy objectives in the private sector.

Why? Of the many areas where we need to make meaningful impact in the next 20 years to avoid the worst climate impacts, figuring out how to democratize sustainability will be one key to our success.

That means to reach the world’s CO2 reduction goals, we not only need to have good public policies in place at the local, state, federal and international levels, but those policies need to be implemented by private actors in the real world. It won’t be easy work.

This is why I recently joined REV where we aim to help implement those policies by building smarter on-ramps for more people, organizations, and communities to get on the road to measurable triple bottom line improvements sooner.

The good news is that people will find that becoming more sustainable is a money-making no-brainer and if done right, also creates social and environmental co-benefits at the same time. That means less energy and water use, lower costs, better performance, reduced GHG emissions and so much more.

Tackling this challenge at scale will require smarts, teamwork, and persistence but I’m excited to get going because as daunting as the climate challenge may seem, I feel confident that American innovation and the can-do determination of its people can get us where we need to go and help our friends around the world do the same. To get there though, more of us will need to “do the doing.” As for me, I’m “in” and I hope you are too!

Moving forward, I also hope to share my thoughts and experiences with you in blogs and elsewhere (such as the IMCP Summit 2015 in D.C. where I recently spoke). Please feel free to provide me your feedback.

Until next time, ever forward!