By Susan Hopp, Director of Business Development, REV

Who among us cannot cite a film that has inspired or transformed us — or imprinted an indelible memory in our lives? In the realm of sustainability interests, the same can be said. What comes to my mind are films that have changed an industry, brought down a company, raised awareness of unsustainable practices, or otherwise seized the conversation to open public debate on a pressing societal, environmental, or business practice. Films like…

Gasland which influenced the anti-fracking movement that likely contributed to NY State’s ban on fracking.

Blackfish, the bane of Seaworld, whose stock has declined two thirds, at least coincident to the film’s release.

Racing to Zero chronicling San Francisco’s groundbreaking “Zero Waste” initiative that in turn has ushered in a new standard for cities and companies around the world.

Cowspiracy, which links animal agriculture to the health of the planet if not human health.

mvff-imageIn the spirit of film’s story-telling impact, at REV we are excited to be a sponsor of the Mill Valley Film Festival*, October 6 – 16 and the debut of “Death by Design”, a new documentary that traces the environmental and social impact of the technology devices that are our “digital sidekicks.”

dbdFrom the trailer:

“Do you love your phone? Can’t imagine life without it? After watching this intense and illuminating exposé of the nasty global underbelly of electronics manufacturing and disposal, we all might pause before our next upgrade. Driven by expert interviews and fascinating behind-the-scenes footage, this doc reveals how we got into this computer-driven environmental mess and how we might turn it around.

From Silicon Valley to China, the film follows the secretive supply chain required to produce everyone’s favorite toys. Filmmaker Sue Williams does a masterful job of laying out the brutal facts of people and places affected by this toxic reality, while communicating a sense of urgency and measured optimism around solutions. Along the way we meet a handful of heroes focused on making companies accountable for their products and entrepreneurs creating world-friendly goods. This is necessary viewing for fans of planet earth; just turn off your device.”

Meanwhile, what are the films that have left an imprint on you? Please share!

And fellow film-lovers — we hope to see you at the MVFF, October 6 – 16!

*Congratulations to CA Film Institute, MVFF’s parent, who recently completed a REV Sustainability Circle and created a Sustainability Action Plan with projected five-year annual savings of $188,656; 29,202 kWh of energy; 100,500 gallons of water; and over 20 tons of CO2.