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Very few non-motorized sports come under fire as regularly as golf for their environmental impact especially due to the current California drought. What is sometimes overlooked is the amount of work golf is doing to ameliorate the effect it has on the environment, and in some cases even endeavoring to be a positive force in landscape management.

Eco Friendly GolfThis infographic outlines the challenges golf is facing and shows how golf can become more eco-friendly. Covered are methods golf clubs can utilize to manage courses organically. Then read more about how:

  • Westchester Country Club have reduced their carbon footprint,
  • Pebble Beach Company moves towards having zero water wastage
  • And, The Vinyard Golf Clubin Martha’s Vineyard implements organic management techniques to be eco-friendly.

Peppered throughout are examples of where these sustainable practices and methods have been put in place by golf courses around the world. Finally this infographic looks at how you, as an individual and a golfer, can make a difference. Be it through your own actions or by helping your club be more eco-friendly in its sustainability management and practices.

While reviewing this infographic it is amazing how organizations and especially golf courses are responding to climate change and problems of water usage. More and more businesses make positive change in the world and their bottom line by embedding sustainable practices into their organizations. They strive to reduce their CO2 emissions as well as their water, energy and waste costs.

If a demand storm is growing for businesses to implement more sustainability practices, they will improve their financial performance and the overall value of their business. So, let’s work on making all organizations and not only Golf Courses better and more sustainable. Let’s share, think, and inspire others to make our entire society more environmentally conscientious. At REV we believe that together we can change things for the better. Our Sustainability Circle® peer-learning program empowers leaders and employees to improve the way they do business by helping embed sustainable practices across the organization. Our coaches will help you create a custom Sustainability Action Plan that is unique to your organization.

REV can help any organization reduce their energy costs and increase their profitability. Past participants in a Sustainability Circle® have averaged $300,000 in annual recurring cost savings. Metropolitan Golf Links, a past participant in our sustainability training program, saved $ 61,798 in energy costs, 241,299 kWh, 2,681,320 gallons of water, and 45 mt CO2. Metro’s Sustainability Action Plan has so inspired its parent company, CourseCo Inc., that affiliated courses are currently participating in Sustainability Circles® program.

Metro Golf LinksMetropolitan Golf Links has already garnered recognition for their environmental efforts including a 2003 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award for sustainable environmental stewardship, Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary certification, and Environmental Leaders in Golf Awards (ELGA) chapter recognition annually since 2007, but desires to take its sustainability efforts further. Their sustainability vision is to be the leader in golf course sustainability in the San Francisco Bay Area within three years, setting a new standard for golf courses by integrating sustainability practices into every facet of their operations. They hope to inspire co-workers, guests, stakeholders, and the community to participate in natural resource management and environmental stewardship. But, read more about Metropolitan Golf Links success story.