By Elliot Hoffman, CEO and Founder

On Thursday, June 18th, 6 REV team members attended the San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) Energy Showcase Awards breakfast and Expo. We were excited that 3 of the 10 award winners were REV Circle graduates. All of the award winners pointed to their Sustainability Circle® experience as having a big impact on their achievements. Caroline Winn, Chief Energy Delivery Officer at SDG&E and one of REV’s contacts and biggest supporters, was the mistress of ceremonies. It was truly inspiring that the entire event was a celebration of sustainability. Caroline framed the event not just as an acknowledgment of Energy Efficient organizations, but as a way to recognize them for their sustainable practices.

The keynote speaker, Josh DeKalb, focused his presentation on sustainability as well. He emphasized that to succeed in the new economy, there was a need to fully embrace and integrate sustainability into organizational culture. Without making this paradigm shift, failure is a guarantee. He discussed the transformation of society and how we approach the environment, society and our future is through the lens of our generation.

The “Baby Boomers” witnessed localized environmental disasters like the Love Canal Tragedy and the Cuyahoga River catching fire in the 70’s. Generation X experienced the horror of acid rain and a growing consciousness around the future of our environment. Today, Millennials see their future under risk with the enormous threat of climate change, water scarcity, the food insecurity, increased pollution and an ever-growing population. The scientific community, (and even the Pope!), are emphasizing that these threats we are facing are very real, and are already affecting us here and now.

According to DeKalb, in order to recruit the best talent of this generation, we all need to authentically engage in solving the world’s problems. More than that, if we want to attract Millennials as consumers, it is essential that our products and services not only acknowledge these threats, but proactively strive to address them as well.

As I sat listening to the presenter, the two REV team members seated next to me, Barbara Burton and Ellen Kappus, and I exchanged broad smiles knowing that the work we are doing at REV, 100% of our passion work, services, revenue, and profits are devoted to and derived from bringing solutions to our world. I feel fulfilled knowing that we are indeed aligned with what California and the world needs, now and moving forward into the future.

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