AmeriCan Adventures Press Release (download full PDF)

(Santa Rosa, CA) AmeriCan Adventures, an adventure travel company with a focus on National Parks and wilderness lands, is pleased to announce that they are one of eight companies participating in the latest Sustainability Circle® in Sonoma County. The program is developed and facilitated by REV, a California-based sustainability education and training firm.

“The team at REV and the structure of their program has given us the extra drive and focus to help us build a clear path to reaching our company’s long-term Sustainability Goals. It is a holistic approach that looks at every element of our business model and supplier chain. The development of our plan will involve everyone in the business; further building our employee’s engagement and our client’s support for our sustainability efforts,” says Matt Berna, AmeriCan Adventure’s President and General Manager.

glacier trek

An AmeriCan Adventures group heading out for a day of exploration on one of Alaska’s magnificent glaciers.

The REV Sustainability Circle program offers an innovative, peer-learning approach that accelerates positive business results by helping drive a mindset of efficiency and sustainability throughout the culture of the organization. The outcome of the six-month program is a self-generated 5-year Sustainability Action Plan leading to greater profitability, employee engagement, and competitiveness.

AmeriCan Adventure’s core purpose is to enrich traveler’s lives by providing insight into the diverse culture and natural beauty of North America. It’s natural then, that we do all we can as an organization ensure that the natural wilderness endures for generations to come. AmeriCan Adventures expects their participation in the Sustainability Circle program to build on some of their past improvements whilst providing a tool to measure the achievement of their goals over the short, mid and long terms.

“REV is thrilled to have a leading organization like AmeriCan Adventures as a Circle participant,” said REV founder and CEO Elliot Hoffman. “We appreciate their demonstrated commitment to becoming more energy efficient, embedding sustainable business practices into their operations, and helping to improve their total impact on the experiential travel industry in North America and in the local community.”

About AmeriCan Adventures
AmeriCan Adventures aims to be the industry leader in developing and operating adventure and experiential holidays throughout North America. The company specializes in active, small group trips with a focus on National Parks and wilderness lands and operates for some of the world’s leading travel companies. More information can be found at www.americanadventures.com