San Francisco, CA – On October 9th at Los Angeles’ City Hall, 25 participants, coaches, and guests from True Market Solutions (TMS) current Los Angeles Sustainability Circle™ were privileged to hear Matt Petersen, Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Los Angeles, explain the City’s current sustainability activities.

Matt Petersen

Matt Petersen, City of Los Angeles Chief Sustainability Officer explains the City’s sustainability plan.

Petersen, who was appointed by Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2013 as the City’s first ever Chief Sustainability Officer, is responsible for developing environmental initiatives across all city departments to reduce its environmental footprint while simultaneously making neighborhoods healthy and more livable.

The City of Los Angeles is currently participating in a True Market Solutions Sustainability Circle and hosted session 4 of the program, giving participants a rare opportunity to hear Petersen discuss the initiatives and plans that are underway to make Los Angeles one of the most sustainable cities in the State.

During his talk, Petersen shared that “LA will lead the way on capturing sunshine, using water efficiently, and sharing sustainability benefits equitably for all Angelinos.”

The Sustainability Circle program, offered throughout California with support of the State’s major investor-owned utilities, brings together representatives from up to 10 businesses, institutions and/or municipalities to accelerate their sustainability impact. Participants come together for six monthly sessions covering a full range of sustainability topics including energy, water, waste, HVAC, procurement, sustainable strategy, metrics, and employee engagement. The outcome of the program is a self-generated action plan to help drive implementation and accelerate results.

“The City of Los Angeles, under Matt Petersen’s leadership, is clearly on a strong path to achieving their sustainability goals and are providing a stellar example that we hope other cities will follow,” said True Market Solutions CEO Elliot Hoffman. “We’re honored to be able to help them along on that journey.”

Matt Petersen serves on the Council of Green Cross International, and is Chair of the GCI Energy and Resource Efficiency program. Prior to becoming CSO, Petersen served as Global Green USA President, CEO and board member where he developed and guided Global Green USA’s new programs, including work on water and energy, green power, and climate change.

For more information, visit revsustainability.com or lamayor.org/ideas_for_a_sustainable_la