REV donating a portion of fees to United Way of San Diego County for every organization that joins upcoming Sustainability Circle®

REV, known for their Sustainability Circle® program, and United Way of San Diego County have partnered to create an opportunity for San Diego businesses and organizations to become more sustainable and support their community. For every San Diego organization that joins the next REV Sustainability Circle, slated to launch in May, REV will make a donation to United Way of San Diego County.

San Diego Sustainability Circle participants

San Diego Sustainability Circle participants

In March 2016, United Way completed a REV Sustainability Circle, along with seven other San Diego organizations. Because of the tremendous success they achieved during the 6-month program, culminating in the development of a 5-year Sustainability Action Plan, United Way is encouraging other San Diego businesses to realize the benefits of operating more sustainably through participation in REV’s Sustainability Circle program.

During the course of their participation, United Way identified 35 initiatives to support six big sustainability goals, including obtaining 60% of their energy from renewable sources and embedding sustainability in the fiber of their organization. As a result, United Way expects to save more than $53,000; 218,666 kWh; and over 52,000 gallons of water annually.

REV provides a unique hybrid of sustainability education, expert resources, and individualized consulting that enables businesses, municipalities, and institutions to enhance engagement, save resources, and build resiliency. Their flagship Sustainability Circle® program brings together a cohort of 10 organizations for six full-day monthly peer-learning workshops covering strategic, tactical and behavioral approaches, with experts in lighting, HVAC, water, waste, metrics, branding, utility programs, and more. The outcome is a 5-year Sustainability Action Plan.

In addition to supporting their local community though the $500 REV donation to United Way, organizations who choose to join the next REV Circle will have the opportunity to do so with a considerable discount through funding available from San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E).

“We’re thrilled to be able to partner with United Way to support the community through both the good works of their organization and by helping build a more economically thriving San Diego culture through sustainability,” said Ann O’Neill, Vice President of Sales at REV.

“The benefits we achieved through our participation in REV’s Sustainability Circle program have inspired us to share the positive experience we had with our tenants, partners, and other San Diego businesses,” said Karen M. Sprigle, SVP & Interim CEO, United Way of San Diego County. “As an organization dedicated to elevating every child & family toward a brighter future, a commitment to sustainability has to be a part of that.”

To find out how you can contribute to a stronger San Diego by joining the next REV Sustainability Circle and taking advantage of REV’s United Way contribution, contact Mike O’Brien, REV Director of Sales San Diego, at 619-807-4758 or [email protected].

You can read more about United Way’s sustainability goals and achievements in this recent blog at uwsd.org.

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United Way of San Diego County tackles issues impacting children and families in San Diego. The nonprofit plays a unique role, bringing the people and resources together to spark breakthrough community action that elevates every child and family toward a brighter future. United Way focuses on education & academic success, especially kindergarten readiness and third grade literacy, providing support outside the classroom so children can be successful inside the classroom. LIVE UNITED is a call to action for everyone to get involved by donating and volunteering. Learn more at www.uwsd.org, the blog, Facebook and Twitter.