The latest issue of RSF Social Finance’s magazine, RSF Quarterly, focuses on the connecting power of nature. The social enterprises showcased in this issue catalyze environmental conservation by bringing together people who are passionate about preserving landscapes or preventing resource waste.

RSF QuarterlyStarting on page 3, Elliot Hoffman, CEO of REV and founder of Just Desserts, describes how REV Sustainability Circles™ have helped 359 plus companies meet sustainability goals through peer learning. On page 4, the issue profiles an organization with a long tradition of converging people for ecological good, the Vermont Land Trust. On the list of achievements by this new borrower: increased farmland access for beginning farmers and a new park in Burlington. Last but not least, RSF colleague and environmentalist, Enrique Perez, renews a still unanswered call for greater racial and ethnic inclusion by green groups.

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