The Internet of Things and Your Organization’s Sustainability Initiatives

The Internet of Things is based on elements that have existed for several years. The difference is, we’re connecting them in new ways, and expanding their application. This is very good news for those looking for more efficient and effective ways to collect and monitor key sustainability data across their organization .

Adopt a Hood: A UCSF Initiative for Engagement

UCSF has a collection of dedicated scientists, clinicians, students and staff who share a common drive to make the world a better place by advancing health and the human condition. In this REV guest blog, Zachary Schoenrock, a UCSF Climate Corps Fellow, shares a Sustainability Success Story about employee engagement in one of UCSF’s research labs.

Every Drop Counts for this Boutique San Francisco Hotel

The Mosser Hotel is one of three boutique hotels owned by the Mosser family, a hidden gem in the heart of Union Square. In this REV guest blog, Mosser Assistant General Manager Nish Tamang shares insights on the hotel’s sustainability achievements.

On the Edge of Chaos and Climate Change Leadership

By Jennifer Roney, Sustainability Circle Coach, REV In a recent Greenbiz article, “4 traits that define the next generation of climate leaders,” Laura Storm identifies the qualities that will be needed to address the very urgent challenge of climate change,...

Drought Tolerance and Climate Resilience in Street Trees

When the City of Emeryville was developing our Sustainability Action Plan, one of the major issues we looked into was the climate resilience of the city street trees. The idea was spurred by Ruth Akins, one of the City Council members, who was interested in whether specific tree species were better at sequestering carbon than others.