Get to Know: Sustainability Circle Coach Christine Bevilacqua

Christine Bevilacqua joined REV in 2015 and is currently coaching two Circles in San Diego, working with organizations such as the San Diego County Office of Education, Hilton Gaslamp, Genomics Institute, United Way and Family Health Centers. In this first “Get to Know” series blog, we asked Christine about her experiences in sustainability and as a REV coach.

Update: New Laws on Energy Efficiency in CA

Lawmakers in Sacramento were busy in 2015. New laws to improve energy efficiency in California are on the books, and deadlines for reaching state targets are even more ambitious. Here’s what you need to know.

Santa Ana Unified School District Scores Big with Turf Removal Program

In 2014, the Santa Ana Unified School District joined a REV Sustainability Circle along with eight other Southern California school districts. Over a year later, Santa Ana USD is a shining example of sustainability leadership. As a result of their participation in the SoCal WaterSmart Turf Removal Program, the District is saving millions of gallons of water and just received a hefty $340,000 rebate check! Dale McCurry, Energy Manager for Santa Ana Unified School District their participation in the program and its benefits to the District and the community.

What Do an Auto Body Shop and a University Have In Common?

This past November, nine organizations successfully completed a Sustainability Circle® in San Diego. One of the participants, Goodwill Industries of San Diego County, originally joined the Circle in order to reduce energy and waste. What they weren’t expecting, was the collaborative partnership they would form with two other local businesses in the Circle.

Using the “Science of Story” to Accelerate Sustainable Change

Our human experience tells us that stories matter in how we make sense of the world, shape our ambitions, and define our progress. The power of storytelling is especially important during the holiday season as we reflect on our experiences and accomplishments over the past year. However stories do much more than just give us a warm fuzzy feeling at bedtime. In fact, a growing body of peer reviewed science conducted by neurological, behavioral, and social scientists demonstrates that telling and listening to stories causes a range of reactions, many of which can lead to positive change.

16 Tips for Businesses and Individuals to Reduce Food Waste During the Holidays and All Year Round

When was the last time you threw away some food, whether it was leftovers from a restaurant, some produce you couldn’t eat fast enough before it turned, or that bag of who-knows-what you just rediscovered in your fridge? If you’re like most people, you’re buying more than $550 of food a year that you end up not eating. You can stop wasting money on food you won’t eat this holiday season by developing new perspectives, habits and networks, and these shifts start by understanding why food waste happens.

COP21 and Business: How is Your Organization Planning for Climate Change?

Climate change will be receiving a lot of media coverage over the next few weeks as 150 Heads of State meet in Paris at COP21 (the 2015 Paris Climate Conference). You may be surprised to discover however, that if you Google “COP21,” the first two likely search results are not for the webpage for this global UN event with its expected 50,000 participants, but rather for the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015, a business-related side-event of COP21.