Leading Sustainable Change from the Top Down and the Bottom Up

Making productive change in the world has always been a top down and bottom up affair. Strong leadership at the uppermost levels is essential to set goals, design policy, and formulate plans. Collective action by those on the ground can inspire adoption and build momentum. In the case of building a more sustainable world, the fall of 2015 has been remarkable on both fronts.

It’s Time To “Do the Doing”

After years working at the local, state and national policy levels helping to prevent pollution, including the greenhouse gas pollution that is heating up our planet, I’ve now decided to help implement some of those same policy objectives in the private sector. This is why I recently joined REV.

Sustainability Leadership Demands a New Worldview

This recent GreenBiz article reviewing Steve Schein’s new book is an excellent and fast read. As Schein points out, we are nearing a tipping point for how we think and take action on sustainability. How we individually and collectively relate to all of this will play a major role in how we move in the 21st century.

A Modest Proposal to Ban Recycling

A recent New York Times Op-Ed confronted the economics of recycling, asserting that in spite of significant government and media efforts to extol the virtues of recycling, it basically doesn’t make much sense, neither economically nor environmentally. So why even attempt to recycle or compost at all? Let’s just get rid of those blue and green bins altogether.

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Golf Courses

Very few non-motorized sports come under fire as regularly as golf for their environmental impact especially due to the current California drought. What is sometimes overlooked is the amount of work golf is doing to ameliorate the effect it has on the environment, and in some cases even endeavoring to be a positive force in landscape management.

Why Sustainable Branding Matters and How to do it Right

One of the topics in REV’s Circle curriculum focuses on sustainable branding. Brand is a pretty nebulous topic for many of those outside of the marketing field; and even for some of us who work in it daily. If you focus on meeting production goals, managing facility efficiency, or hiring and training staff, sustainable branding is probably not something that keeps you up at night.

But here’s why you should care.