San Rafael Chamber Highlights Marin Sustainability Circle Success

This article by Bob Herbst, Board Chair of the San Rafael Chamber of Commerce, was originally published on the San Rafael Chamber website. REV is enormously grateful to the San Rafael Chamber for their support of the Marin REV Sustainability Circle® and their commitment to sustainability.

REV Congratulates the 2016 Beacon Award Winners

As a partner with the Institute for Local Government (ILG) and a proud sponsor of this year’s Beacon Awards, we’re thrilled to celebrate the 100 communities leading the way to a more sustainable California. We’d like to especially congratulate those recognized cities who have been past, or are current and upcoming Sustainability Circle participants

San Diego Catholics Are Seeing Green

Last summer, in his encyclical “Laudato Si,’” Pope Francis called for greater respect for God’s creation and “care for our common home.” Since the encyclical’s publication on June 18 of last year, that call has resounded around the globe, and San Diegans are responding in a big way. Several successful initiatives are currently underway to increase energy efficiency at local parishes, schools and diocesan institutions.

Sustainability and the Power of Film

Who among us cannot cite a film that has inspired or transformed us — or imprinted an indelible memory in our lives? In the realm of sustainability interests, the same can be said. What comes to my mind are films that have changed an industry, brought down a company, raised awareness of unsustainable practices, or otherwise seized the conversation to open public debate on a pressing societal, environmental, or business practice.

Relan: Upcycling Turns Trash into Treasure

Relan, a small business led by the mother-daughter team of Della Simpson and Kari Brizius, partners with large companies to showcase their commitment to sustainability through an array of upcycled products. We recently interviewed Kari to learn more about their story and their company’s commitment to building a more sustainable future.

San Jose Organizations Find Olympic-size Sustainability Savings

Imagine saving enough water to fill 69 Olympic-size swimming pools. Or saving enough electricity to power over 22,000 homes during the entire month of the Olympic games. That just what a forward thinking group of 21 San Jose businesses, schools, and organizations —...

Mobilizing to Fight Climate Change

Bill McKibben’s brilliant article published yesterday in the New Republic aggressively demonstrates our nation’s need to mobilize to fight the current World War that threatens us: global warming and climate change. As I was flying from San Francisco to San Diego early yesterday afternoon I was thinking about this exact issue. I couldn’t agree more with McKibben when he writes, “It’s not that global warming is like a world war. It is a world war. And we are losing.”