On Wednesday March 26, TMS VP Ann O’Neill along with other sustainability experts will be presenting the Los Angeles Better Business Challenge webinar Engaging Tenants on Energy Efficiency: Ways to Find a Win-Win.

This webinar will introduce a framework to engage with Tenant’s to better address energy efficiency issues, focusing on ways to raise awareness about energy conservation, patterns of energy use, and best practices for reduction. The webinar will also provide ideas for increasing tenant participation and commitment through competition and incentives. Tenant awareness of energy use and focus on best practices can reduce building energy use by as much as 30%. Engaging Tenants on these issues is part of a holistic approach to a green building environment, which has been proven to reduce sick days and increase productivity. For owners and building managers, these means happier tenants, lower vacancy, and higher overall building value. Special attention will be given in this webinar to aligning incentives between the landlord and tenant while creating a model for data reporting transparency that allows progress to be made against agreed-upon goals.

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