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What is a Sustainability Circle?

A REV Sustainability Circle™ is a peer-learning program that accelerates an organization’s sustainability efforts. Ten organizations come together to create a powerful and diverse local peer community where best practices are shared and networks are developed. With the help of our coaches, you will create a Sustainability Action Plan with tangible results from immediate and long-term initiatives. The program consists of 6 full-day monthly workshops that include strategic, tactical, and behavioral curriculum, subject matter experts with local knowledge, and utility program information and tours.

What kinds of organizations participate in a Sustainability Circle?

Circles are designed for enterprises and institutions including businesses in areas such as manufacturing, business services, retail, entertainment, and hospitality; cities and municipalities; educational institutions; and non-profits. Our client list will give you a good idea of the range of organizations.

What is a Circle Session like?

Circle sessions provide a full-day experience that takes place at a participating company location. The day is designed to be highly informative and interactive, and includes presentations from subject matter experts from within and outside of REV, collaborative group exercises and facilitated discussion, and a tour of the host company’s facility. Breakfast and lunch are also provided.

Subject matter experts are carefully vetted to ensure that they bring the best of their expertise, not sales pitches for their products or services.

How much does it cost?

The program fee is $8,500. If you would like to have a Sustainability Circle exclusive to your organization, please contact us to discuss pricing options.

What kind of results can I expect from the program?

The average organization that participates in a Sustainability Circle develops initiatives that can potentially save them over $150,000 annually. These savings come from a variety of sources including energy, waste, water, and procurement.

What is the realistic time commitment for Circle participation?

The two company representatives will spend one full day per month in a Circle Session. In addition, they should allow for another 8 hours per person each month for work on their Sustainability Action Plan and individual coaching. In total, it amounts to approximately 2 days per month for each person in the Circle over the course of 6 months.

Who from an organization should attend Circle sessions?

Decision-makers and senior-level managers who have the authority to recommend and implement changes are the obvious choice, but anyone who is a catalyst for change could benefit depending on your type of organization. Typical participants include heads of Sustainability, VPs of Operations, HR Directors, CFOs, Facilities Managers, Environmental Health and Safety Professionals, Procurement & Supply Chain Managers, and Energy Managers.

Six months seems like a long time. What if I can’t attend all the sessions?

We have a fixed date for the first session of a Circle, and we poll participants for the best days for all future sessions. If you are unable to attend a session, you are welcome to send substitutes from your company. Our coaches will guide you through this process.

Our participants find that six months flies by — particularly when they are developing and enhancing their sustainability action plans!

How do I know if this is right for my type of business?

We’ve had both participating organizations who are just beginning to implement sustainability initiatives as well as those who already have a significant sustainability program in place achieve significant results. Naturally, the greater your expenses for energy, water, and/or waste, the greater your benefits will be from Circle participation.

We already have a green team and are pretty savvy about sustainability. Would this be worth my time?

Absolutely. Some of our most enthusiastic participants have been companies well down the path of sustainability including Balboa Park, the City of Pleasanton (who has participated in 4 Circles) and Hunter Industries. Technology innovations and utility programs and incentives are always changing which is one reason to keep informed even if you already have a strong program. But more importantly, the peer-learning experience exposes participants to ideas and implementation from other organizations outside of their industry. It’s a great source of innovation generation.

What differentiates REV from other sustainability consultants?

REV is not a consulting organization. We empower and challenge you to accelerate your sustainability results. We’re not prescriptive — we’re not here to give you the answer and tell you what to do. We’re focused on providing the relevant information, tools, resources and experiential peer-learning environment that enable you to have a significant impact on your business. But we’re not just a learning and education program either — we drive you toward action. We’re also very comprehensive in our approach — not just energy or efficiency focused — with behavior change at our core.

Isn’t sustainability just a costly trend that only saves energy?

Actually, sustainable business practice is an excellent source of profit and innovation. REV works with you to find projects with a positive ROI, either by reducing operating expenses, improving employee engagement, or adding to the top line with new products and new markets. Attracting dynamic new workers; retaining employees; and satisfying customers, community, and stakeholders all now require a focus on sustainability. Competitive advantage is increasingly tied to sustainable business practices.



How do I sign up?

It’s easy. You’ll want to speak directly with one of our sales team to see if your organization qualifies for funding (most do) and find out when the next session in your area is launching. You can call us directly or send an email – just visit the Contact page.

I don’t have a business but I’d love to participate. Can I still join?

We have opportunities for subject matter experts to present to the Circles and we’re always actively looking to build our team of coaches and staff. Please contact us for more information.


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