Sustainability Circles®

What is a Sustainability Circle?

A REV Sustainability Circle® is a comprehensive 6-month peer-learning program that empowers you to improve the way you do business by helping embed sustainable practices across your organization. The outcome is an action- and results-driven customized Sustainability Action Plan that makes the business case for implementing both large and small-scale initiatives.

By participating in a Sustainability Circle, you will gain the knowledge, insights, confidence, connections and results that inspire employee engagement and move your sustainability plan and business forward.

Watch this brief video to hear what customers themselves have to say.

Why Enroll in a Sustainability Circle?

  • Immediate and long-term savings & ROI
  • Better resource and operational efficiency
  • New insights and ideas for innovation from like-minded peers and experts
  • Improved employee and stakeholder engagement
  • A better way of moving your sustainability initiatives forward

How the Program Works

  • 10 organizations/2 staff each for a powerful, diverse peer-community experience
  • Individualized consulting and on-sites in between sessions
  • 6 full-day monthly workshops covering strategic, tactical & behavioral approaches, with experts in lighting, HVAC, water, waste, metrics, branding and utility programs
  • Frameworks, tools, and guidance to develop a customized 5-year Sustainability Action Plan


Our program is comprehensive, covering a range of topics and emerging best practices, with a focus on behavior change.

Business Environment

Sustainable Value
Climate Change Causes and Actions
Sustainability Action Planning
Sustainability Metrics
Utility Programs and Incentives
Sustainability Branding & Communications
Responsible Procurement
Sustainable Transportation

Behavior Change & Engagement

Leading Successful Change Programs
Building Your Sustainability Team
Increasing Employee Participation
Gaining Management Buy-In

Energy, Resources & the Built Environment

Energy Management Road
Green Office Practices
Optimizing HVAC Systems
Indoor Air Quality
Optimizing Lighting Systems
Renewable Energy
Zero Waste Approaches
Sustainable Water Use


Minimal cost. Substantial ROI.

The total fee for two people from your organization to attend six full-day workshops, including one-on-one coaching, is $8,500. If you would like to have a Sustainability Circle exclusive to your organization, please contact us to discuss pricing options.

Find out if you qualify for substantial savings.

With rising energy costs, increased competitive pressures, customer demand for transparency, and new regulations mandating efficiency and conservation, there is no better time to invest in sustainability.

“The Sustainability Action Plan is specific and unique to each organization – it quantifies the savings in energy, water, waste and production costs and results in substantial savings. The Circles have led to a robust exchange of ideas, leading to solutions, better communication between the City and its businesses and organizations, and new approaches to sustainability from all parties.”

Daniel Smith, Director of Public Works, The City of Pleasanton