COP21 and Business: How is Your Organization Planning for Climate Change?

Climate change will be receiving a lot of media coverage over the next few weeks as 150 Heads of State meet in Paris at COP21 (the 2015 Paris Climate Conference). You may be surprised to discover however, that if you Google “COP21,” the first two likely search results are not for the webpage for this global UN event with its expected 50,000 participants, but rather for the Sustainable Innovation Forum 2015, a business-related side-event of COP21.

Leading Sustainable Change from the Top Down and the Bottom Up

Making productive change in the world has always been a top down and bottom up affair. Strong leadership at the uppermost levels is essential to set goals, design policy, and formulate plans. Collective action by those on the ground can inspire adoption and build momentum. In the case of building a more sustainable world, the fall of 2015 has been remarkable on both fronts.