The Drought Domino Effect

Is the California drought impacting only Californians? Unfortunately not. The lack of water in California is just a drop in this red ocean. Colorado has been heavily affected by climate change and the consequences of California’s drought.

Why a comprehensive approach to sustainability is critical for the drought

When most businesses or individuals talk about the drought in California, the focus is primarily on direct water conservation. Often what we may fail to appreciate is the complex relationship between water and the many other aspects of what we associate with sustainability, including energy, waste, and environmental and social well-being. When we consider how to respond to the severe water cutbacks recently mandated in California, we need to recognize that a more holistic approach to sustainability, beyond simple “water conservation,” will have a much more profound impact on the drought, immediately and into the future.

California’s Water Reduction Mandate: Ways to Save

On April 1st, Governor Jerry Brown directed the State Water Resources Control Board to implement mandatory water reductions in cities and towns across California to reduce water usage by 25 percent.  If you don’t think this historically unprecedented event...

New Technologies Are Shifting Our Water Perspective

Enterprising technology innovators in California and across the United States are dramatically changing the way we manage, use, plan for and recycle water. Through a variety of techniques, start-ups and established companies alike are raising awareness of the...