Open The Shades

If we are interested in eliminating wasted energy, wasted water, and wasted money, we need to open our eyes and open our minds and take the time to think about how we can do what we need to get done without wasting our precious resources. Imagine all of us waking up to the reality that we can save enormous resources if we simply change our behavior.

RSF Social Finance Interview with Elliot Hoffman

The latest of RSF Social Finance’s magazine, RSF Quarterly, focuses on the connecting power of nature. The social enterprises showcased in this issue, including REV CEO Elliot Hoffman, catalyze environmental conservation by bringing together people who are passionate about preserving landscapes or preventing resource waste.

Entrepreneur Elliot Hoffman: Scaling Sustainable Solutions

In 2014 fall class, EINV 241 Methods and Applications of Entrepreneurship, students were asked to interview an entrepreneur or an entrepreneurially-minded individual who is creating impact in their area. We were proud that L&C student Jhana Valentine chose to profile REV CEO Elliot Hoffman.

Entrepreneur Elliot Hoffman introduces REV, a company guiding businesses to sustainable practices that reach the bottom line and build a better world

SAN FRANCISCO – REV Co-founder and CEO, Elliot Hoffman, was a perfectly happy entrepreneur building the household brand name “Just Desserts” which he established in 1974, but his learnings and experience creating sustainable business practices proved too fruitful not to share. He realized that “businesses are the key to moving the world in a powerful, positive direction.” This is why he set out to build a movement to educate, share and empower this “new voice of business.”