REV at CalPlug

The California Plug Load Research Center (CalPlug) hosted its seventh semiannual workshop on energy-efficient plug loads on May 12 at Calit2. REV’s Victoria Mouroulis presented along with representatives from the Consumer Electronic Association, Southern California Edison, California Energy Commission, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Natural Resources Defense Council, Electric Power Research Institute, Dhaani Systems, and Phoenix Energy Technologies.

The Potential for Sustainability Impact in the SME Market

Sustainability as a business strategy is no longer a fringe idea. Its benefits and ROI are rarely argued, but instead touted in major media and corporate annual reports. It’s not difficult to see how the most straightforward approaches to sustainability — energy efficiency, resource conservation, and waste reduction — can hugely improve bottom line profits for large global enterprises, but what about small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs) — why are we not seeing the same trend permeate this sector?

Circle Participant Chula Vista Adopts Sustainability Action Plan

The Chula Vista City Council recently adopted a City Operations Sustainability Plan to help reduce municipal costs, improve local environmental conditions, and lead by example in the community and region. Seven key areas were identified – energy use, water use, green purchasing, waste management, pollution prevention, green buildings and infrastructure.