Show up. Dive in. Persevere. Help Build a Cleaner Energy Movement

Linking our personal actions to advancing a grand sustainability strategy is one important way to carry out our citizenship. We can help advance that strategy by transitioning to cleaner energy as soon as possible. The California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee will be looking at what it takes to create a movement movement that produces higher rates of applied energy efficiency. You have an opportunity to influence the design and delivery of energy efficiency programs in California by tracking and participating in these efforts.

Using the “Science of Story” to Accelerate Sustainable Change

Our human experience tells us that stories matter in how we make sense of the world, shape our ambitions, and define our progress. The power of storytelling is especially important during the holiday season as we reflect on our experiences and accomplishments over the past year. However stories do much more than just give us a warm fuzzy feeling at bedtime. In fact, a growing body of peer reviewed science conducted by neurological, behavioral, and social scientists demonstrates that telling and listening to stories causes a range of reactions, many of which can lead to positive change.

It’s Time To “Do the Doing”

After years working at the local, state and national policy levels helping to prevent pollution, including the greenhouse gas pollution that is heating up our planet, I’ve now decided to help implement some of those same policy objectives in the private sector. This is why I recently joined REV.