REV Featured in Two Articles in Conscious Company Magazine

We’re thrilled that Conscious Company Magazine has featured REV in its most recent January/February 2016 issue. Read how REV is redesigning the traditional consulting model and how eight Petaluma businesses and institutions are revving up their sustainability strategies.

Petaluma Charts Path to Sustainability

Thanks to their participation in a unique peer-learning model, seven Petaluma organizations are charting a clear path to sustainability, with action plans to change their processes and supply chains.

Petaluma Chamber Co-Sponsors New Sustainability Circle Program

The Petaluma Chamber of Commerce is co-sponsoring a Sustainability Circle in early 2015. Chamber CEO Onita Pellegrini said that True Market Solutions’ track record nationally, and the substantial operational savings shown by businesses that have completed the program, speaks for itself. “We consider this an important opportunity for our larger business members.”