Relan: Upcycling Turns Trash into Treasure

Relan, a small business led by the mother-daughter team of Della Simpson and Kari Brizius, partners with large companies to showcase their commitment to sustainability through an array of upcycled products. We recently interviewed Kari to learn more about their story and their company’s commitment to building a more sustainable future.

A Modest Proposal to Ban Recycling

A recent New York Times Op-Ed confronted the economics of recycling, asserting that in spite of significant government and media efforts to extol the virtues of recycling, it basically doesn’t make much sense, neither economically nor environmentally. So why even attempt to recycle or compost at all? Let’s just get rid of those blue and green bins altogether.

Who is the Winner of Recycling Cities?

While recycling and composting is still a challenge in some regions, more and more municipalities are becoming motivated to improve their recycling rates with the help of advanced waste reduction technologies such as organic waste pulpers. These new technologies have the advantage of offering even safer treatment and disposal options and providing new sources of renewable energy.

Donating unwanted goods helps save the planet and create jobs

Unless you’re Superman, you can’t save the planet. But you can save an old computer from a landfill. You can divert your shredded documents from the dump. You can grant a second life to that suit you never wear. And you can help provide green-economy jobs for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.