The ABCs of Climate Resilience: Assessing Climate Risk

If you are one of the 73% of Americans who believe global warming is already happening, it doesn’t really matter what got you to this point or how long it took. The big question now, especially for decision-makers, is: what can you do about it?

The ABCs of Climate Resilience: Business Continuity Management

In the first post of this series, we reviewed how an organization can identify which systems or assets are most vulnerable to climate change. Here, we consider how business continuity management (BCM) systems can be used to bolster and build climate resilience.

Big Brands and the Water Challenge

How major companies are responding to water scarcity with innovation, collaborative, and a long-term view An ongoing abundance of clean, inexpensive water is no longer a given. For major companies around the world, water risk is becoming central to business strategy....