Why Sustainability Should Drive Business Innovation

Market forces compel businesses to innovate or die. But in recent years, sustainability has become an additional—and significant—factor behind successful product innovation. Increasingly, companies large and small see that sustainability provides a “lens” through...

Sustainability Progress in Business: 2014 and Beyond

This past year saw significant advances in the world of sustainable business practices. CEOs and investors alike took a much greater interest in assessing the various environmental and social challenges we all face and planned important steps to pave the way for a greener future in 2015 and beyond. Here are some of the key trends and actions taken by business in 2014 and a look toward the future.

Strategies for Greening Your Supply Chain

In today’s highly competitive environment, businesses are increasingly focused on balancing profit and quality customer service with a commitment to being sustainable and fostering environmentally responsible operations. One key component of this goal is devising specific strategies for greening supply chains. After all, supply chains often contribute about three-quarters of most companies’ greenhouse gas emissions footprint and have many other environmental impacts.