REV Featured in Two Articles in Conscious Company Magazine

We’re thrilled that Conscious Company Magazine has featured REV in its most recent January/February 2016 issue. Read how REV is redesigning the traditional consulting model and how eight Petaluma businesses and institutions are revving up their sustainability strategies.

REV Circle Customer Posty Cards Leads Industry in Sustainability

Posty Cards, who recently completed a REV Sustainability Circle® in Kansas City, is profiled in this October 7th Greenability article for their outstanding sustainability efforts. They are a terrific example of how an ongoing commitment to embedded sustainability is good for business. Read about their energy saving initiatives and pioneering sustainability efforts.

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Golf Courses

Very few non-motorized sports come under fire as regularly as golf for their environmental impact especially due to the current California drought. What is sometimes overlooked is the amount of work golf is doing to ameliorate the effect it has on the environment, and in some cases even endeavoring to be a positive force in landscape management.