Entrepreneur Elliot Hoffman: Scaling Sustainable Solutions

In 2014 fall class, EINV 241 Methods and Applications of Entrepreneurship, students were asked to interview an entrepreneur or an entrepreneurially-minded individual who is creating impact in their area. We were proud that L&C student Jhana Valentine chose to profile REV CEO Elliot Hoffman.

REV at CalPlug

The California Plug Load Research Center (CalPlug) hosted its seventh semiannual workshop on energy-efficient plug loads on May 12 at Calit2. REV’s Victoria Mouroulis presented along with representatives from the Consumer Electronic Association, Southern California Edison, California Energy Commission, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Natural Resources Defense Council, Electric Power Research Institute, Dhaani Systems, and Phoenix Energy Technologies.

REV CEO Elliot Hoffman on MSNBC

Elliot Hoffman was recently interviewed by Tony Dokoupil on the MSNBC’s Greenhouse. Check out this exciting video, where Elliot discusses the achievements and success of the Sustainability Circle program.

Why a comprehensive approach to sustainability is critical for the drought

When most businesses or individuals talk about the drought in California, the focus is primarily on direct water conservation. Often what we may fail to appreciate is the complex relationship between water and the many other aspects of what we associate with sustainability, including energy, waste, and environmental and social well-being. When we consider how to respond to the severe water cutbacks recently mandated in California, we need to recognize that a more holistic approach to sustainability, beyond simple “water conservation,” will have a much more profound impact on the drought, immediately and into the future.

Five Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Care About Sustainability

As members of Hera Hub, a co-working space for women entrepreneurs, most of us are doing business on a relatively small scale compared to the Walmarts, Qualcomms, and Patagonias of this world. Incorporating sustainability into our business model and operations is often very low on our priority list and we may feel that it is something best left until later – when we have scaled up, when we are a more established business. I have learned though, that embedding sustainability into any size business early on will pay off significantly even in the short term.