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REV® provides education and tools that integrate the best of sustainability with behavior and culture change to accelerate business impact for a variety of companies and organizations.

The REV® Sustainability Engagement Journey empowers you to embed sustainable practices in your organization by integrating the best of sustainability with behavior and culture change to accelerate business impact.

Sustainability Circle customers projected savings like this annually.

Average projected savings

“Participating in the Circle actually energized me for the rest of my work. It’s really encouraging to step outside of your own routine and see what people are doing that is making a difference.”

Cathy Keating, VP of Field Communications, Shaklee

Hundreds of organizations have benefited from REV Sustainability Programs.

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Don’t Ask Me What I Do. Ask Me Why. It’s About Sustainable Value.

At networking events, we’re often invited to introduce ourselves by sharing our names, companies and roles. “Hi, I’m Jenny Sant’Anna. I work at REV and I’m a Sustainability Consultant.” The obvious follow up questions are “What is a sustainability consultant?” and “What is REV?” I can answer the what, but to be honest, I’d much rather answer the why.

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Weighing the Benefits of Behavior Change

As the founder and CEO of REV, I realized that if I cannot change my own behavior at home around my health and well-being, how can I possibly expect anyone else to change their behavior. So in May 2015, my wife Gail and I committed to change our diet and eating behavior in order live healthier lives, contribute to a healthier planet, and maybe set a small example for others.

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