Whitepapers & Resources

Metric whitepaper
Metrics tell stories. They can shape behavior and reinforce culture. They can drive collaboration, encourage engagement, and clarify job responsibilities across the organization.  Choosing the Right Sustainability Metrics for Your Organization will show you how to measure what matters most. Download
Engaging Communities whitepaper
To build economically attractive and resilient cities, it’s critical that local governments leverage the growing awareness and interest in sustainability. Roadmap for Sustainability Engagement will show you how to build more sustainably impactful relationships with your business community. Download
Where once viewed as simple risk mitigation, many companies now view sustainability as the greatest of all innovation opportunities. Bringing Sustainability and Profit to Businesses, Organizations, & Municipalities will help you build your business case for sustainability. Download
Getting immediate bottom line results from sustainability doesn’t always require a substantial investment. Whether your organization already has a substantial sustainability program or you’re just getting started, these Ten Tips will ensure that your team is engaged in your efforts. Download

“Going into this I thought it was just about energy. But it’s financially responsible; it’s resource responsible. There are opportunities to run your business more efficiently at no extra cost. In the end, you have a story to tell to your customers, and you have money in the bank!”

Mike DeLeon, AVP of Purchasing and Facilities, North County Health Services (NCHS)