Why Sustainability?

A demand storm is growing for businesses to implement more sustainability practices to improve their financial performance and the overall value of their business.

Now is a critical time for your business.

  • Energy and resource costs are rising.
  • Technology is changing rapidly. You may not be aware of the most energy and resource efficient solutions.
  • Competitors are gaining ground in sustainability.
  • Business actions are more radically transparent to customers than ever before.
  • Marketplace demand for sustainably conscientious businesses is reaching a tipping point.
  • Sustainability offers some of the best opportunities for bottom-line savings and top-line growth.

Businesses embracing sustainability access new pathways to innovation and financial success. Numerous studies show that companies behaving in more sustainable ways have higher stock value, greater profits, and enduring competitive advantage.

Whether your organization is looking to improve operational performance, mitigate risk, reduce energy costs and increase profits, find new sources of innovation, or make a positive impact, taking a sustainable approach to running your business is a proven path toward competitive advantage.



“There is now widespread recognition of the profits to be made in addressing critical sustainability challenges. Companies are also beginning to understand how a sustainability approach can be used to “future proof” business strategy in the face of greater volatility and uncertainty. The knowledge and stakeholder relationships developed in service of sustainability objectives are increasingly useful in market entry and product innovation, and in the development of new business models.  All this points to a crucial change: sustainability is a platform for innovation and business/organizational success, not a barrier to economic vitality.”

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