Posty Cards, who recently completed a REV Sustainability Circle® in Kansas City, is profiled in this October 7th Greenability article for their outstanding sustainability efforts. They are a terrific example of how an ongoing commitment to embedded sustainability is good for business.

JesseeAs the company’s president, Erick Jessee says, “When you look at the power of efficiency and minimizing waste, it just makes good business sense. Not only are costs reduced in the long-term, but our operation and our products are more sustainable.”

Here’s a short excerpt about their Circle experience:

Posty Cards is also involved in a pilot program called Sustainability Circles, which is sponsored by REV Sustainability, Bridging The Gap and Kansas City Power and Light. Sustainability Circles is a six-month program that helps organizations improve the sustainability of their operation with a goal of drafting a sustainability action plan for the next one, two or five or more years, Jessee said.

Participating groups are challenged to come up with at least 50 sustainability initiatives.

“Honestly, with all Posty Cards had already done from a sustainability standpoint, I was initially concerned we would have difficulty meeting the goal,” Jessee said. “What astounded me is that we easily came up with more than 50 initiatives that will significantly improve our energy efficiency and sustainability as an organization over the next five years.”

There’s always some way to improve sustainability, he said.

“A big takeaway for me is that sustainability is a journey, not a destination,” Jessee said. “There is always more we can do.”

Read more about Posty Cards’ energy saving initiatives and pioneering sustainability accomplishments here.