As a partner with the Institute for Local Government (ILG) and a proud sponsor of this year’s Beacon Awards, we’re thrilled to celebrate the 100 communities leading the way to a more sustainable California.

We’d like to especially congratulate those recognized cities who have been past,  or are current and upcoming Sustainability Circle participants including:


The City of Emeryville (Silver Award and numerous Spotlight Awards)

The City of Chula Vista (Spotlight Award — Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions)

The City of Cupertino (Spotlight Award — Agency Energy Savings, Sustainability Best Practices Platinum)

The City of Millbrae (Spotlight Award — Agency Greenhouse Gas Reductions)

The City of South San Francisco (Spotlight Award — Agency Energy Savings)

Check out the program for the Awards reception, Thursday October 6th with the full list of winners and Beacon Program participating communities. (Click on image below for PDF)