SAN FRANCISCO — As of March 2, 2015, San Francisco-based sustainability firm True Market Solutions will now be known as REV. Launched in 2010 by Just Desserts co-founder Elliot Hoffman, the company provides sustainability education and training to small- to mid-size enterprises (SMEs) through its core offering — Sustainability Circles™ — currently being delivered in California and the Midwest.

TMS-LOGOThe company chose the new name, REV, to underscore the critical importance of accelerating the growth of sustainability in business strategy, and to reflect the growing momentum and impressive sustainability results being achieved by their customers. The company’s approach emphasizes peer-community learning, behavior change, and change management leadership, with expert coaching in the development of detailed Sustainability Action Plans that greatly improve an organization’s ability to implement and realize results from initiatives.

“We selected the name REV for its ability to communicate not only our ongoing commitment toward helping organizations accelerate their sustainability impact, but also the many benefits of sustainability: revitalizing the workplace, and revealing new opportunities and revenue streams, and reversing the negative behaviors that contribute to climate change,” explained REV co-founder and CEO Elliot Hoffman. “It also reflects our aspiration to co-create a revolutionary spirit and sustainability consciousness through our work and our partnerships.”

In addition to unveiling the new name and brand identity, REV is also proud to announce the actual cumulative savings results of 29 organizations participating in four Sustainability Circles in 2014, based on a recent 6-month post-Circle review. The annualized recurring savings achieved through initiatives implemented by these businesses, organizations, and municipalities in the first 6 months included 26,691,877 gallons of water; over 4 million kWh; 24,738 therms; and over 3000 mt of CO2. The total dollar savings of $2,229,291 represents an impressive five-year annual internal rate return (IRR) of 47%.

Since 2010, REV has grown from a small group of five to its current staff of over 40 employees and contractors, and is currently increasing its cadre of coaches and sales staff to meet contracts to launch over 40 Sustainability Circles in 2015. The company has contracts with the four largest investor-owned utilities in California, as well as KCP&L in Kansas City, MO, to deliver resource and energy efficiency results through their Sustainability Circle Program. REV also has new offerings and a major curriculum update in development, slated to release later this year.

With the new name and brand identity, the company has an updated website which can be found at revsustainability.com. The revsustainability.com website and email addresses will remain active permanently however. The company emphasizes that its core business, leadership, and ownership structure remains unchanged.