Don’t Ask Me What I Do. Ask Me Why. It’s About Sustainable Value.

At networking events, we’re often invited to introduce ourselves by sharing our names, companies and roles. “Hi, I’m Jenny Sant’Anna. I work at REV and I’m a Sustainability Consultant.” The obvious follow up questions are “What is a sustainability consultant?” and “What is REV?” I can answer the what, but to be honest, I’d much rather answer the why.

The ABCs of Climate Resilience: Assessing Climate Risk

If you are one of the 73% of Americans who believe global warming is already happening, it doesn’t really matter what got you to this point or how long it took. The big question now, especially for decision-makers, is: what can you do about it?

Weighing the Benefits of Behavior Change

As the founder and CEO of REV, I realized that if I cannot change my own behavior at home around my health and well-being, how can I possibly expect anyone else to change their behavior. So in May 2015, my wife Gail and I committed to change our diet and eating behavior in order live healthier lives, contribute to a healthier planet, and maybe set a small example for others.

So what’s the big deal with storytelling in sustainability?

Storytelling. An art form as old as the history of mankind. As one of the oldest methods for conveying experiences and historical events, storytelling has long been the sole asset for the purpose that it serves, but with a plethora of new media channels introduced over the last 100 years – the art form is getting lost in the white noise that makes up the modern day digital media landscape which is why authentic storytelling is crucial to inform consumers thoughtfully about sustainability initiatives.

Open The Shades

If we are interested in eliminating wasted energy, wasted water, and wasted money, we need to open our eyes and open our minds and take the time to think about how we can do what we need to get done without wasting our precious resources. Imagine all of us waking up to the reality that we can save enormous resources if we simply change our behavior.