Sustainability Progress in Business: 2014 and Beyond

This past year saw significant advances in the world of sustainable business practices. CEOs and investors alike took a much greater interest in assessing the various environmental and social challenges we all face and planned important steps to pave the way for a greener future in 2015 and beyond. Here are some of the key trends and actions taken by business in 2014 and a look toward the future.

The Potential for Sustainability Impact in the SME Market

Sustainability as a business strategy is no longer a fringe idea. Its benefits and ROI are rarely argued, but instead touted in major media and corporate annual reports. It’s not difficult to see how the most straightforward approaches to sustainability — energy efficiency, resource conservation, and waste reduction — can hugely improve bottom line profits for large global enterprises, but what about small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs) — why are we not seeing the same trend permeate this sector?

Sustaining Our Passion for Sustainability – Q&A with Elliot Hoffman

Elliot Hoffman, CEO of True Market Solutions, recently spoke with Grand Pacific Resorts about sustainability. Grand Pacific Resorts recently joined the San Diego Sustainability Circle led by True Market Solutions. In this interview he explains the origins of True Market Solutions and the importance of sustainability to business.

Greening Your Office Holiday Party

You’ve worked hard all year to make your business more eco-friendly and it’s paying off. Time to celebrate! The holidays offer abundant opportunities to not only creatively reduce environmental impacts in the office, but also engage employees and inspire more sustainable traditions at home. Here are 9 tips for a greener holiday gathering.

Upcoming Circle Previews

Want to understand first-hand what a Sustainability Circle feels like? Join one of our free upcoming Circle Previews listed here! Let us answer any questions you might have about sustainability and how your organization might benefit.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it

Rapidly increasing energy costs and the urgent need to reduce GHGs mean that we must give energy reduction high priority. As anyone in business knows, metrics can be a vital key to change — if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Innovations in technology and behavior change, however, are making it easier, and in some cases even fun, to monitor, measure, and reduce energy use. Here are a few great tools to help track, compare and even report energy usage.