The Drought Domino Effect

Is the California drought impacting only Californians? Unfortunately not. The lack of water in California is just a drop in this red ocean. Colorado has been heavily affected by climate change and the consequences of California’s drought.

Who is the Winner of Recycling Cities?

While recycling and composting is still a challenge in some regions, more and more municipalities are becoming motivated to improve their recycling rates with the help of advanced waste reduction technologies such as organic waste pulpers. These new technologies have the advantage of offering even safer treatment and disposal options and providing new sources of renewable energy.

Why Metrics Matter for Sustainability

Bill Hewlett, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, once said, “You cannot manage what you cannot measure; and what gets measured gets done.” Hewlett’s words resonate when thinking about embedding sustainability into your organization. Here’s how Bill’s famous mantra applies to sustainability. The result: measuring progress through clearly defined metrics demonstrates impact, effectiveness and value.

Climate Change, A California Concern!

The climate change debate continues to raise concerns among individuals, communities, and organizations in California, and a number of questions remain unanswered especially in counties seriously impacted by drought.

Users Take Control

Sustainability is about more than energy, but energy is often a gateway to deeper transformation. People have to change the way they use buildings; there needs to be behavior change. To help facilitate this change, I needed to expand my voice; extend beyond the systems and work in a different way with clients.

The Climate Race

So the question for us all is whether the Climate Movement can accelerate its growth rapidly enough to catch up and overtake the escalating reality of Climate Disruption in time to prevent massive irreparable damage to human civilization.

Myth Busters

It is time that we all acknowledge that the conventional “business-as-usual” mindset asserting that sustainability increases costs, is a myth. It’s time to destroy the myth that sustainability is bad for profit. Nothing could be further from the truth.