The ABCs of Climate Resilience: Business Continuity Management

In the first post of this series, we reviewed how an organization can identify which systems or assets are most vulnerable to climate change. Here, we consider how business continuity management (BCM) systems can be used to bolster and build climate resilience.

Gaining an Edge Through IoT-Powered Sustainability

In his new book published by O’Reilly, Smart Business: Gaining an Edge Through IoT-Powered Sustainability, Darren Beck outlines a multitude of ways that small business can use smart technology to operate more efficiently and gain a competitive edge.

REV Congratulates the 2016 Beacon Award Winners

As a partner with the Institute for Local Government (ILG) and a proud sponsor of this year’s Beacon Awards, we’re thrilled to celebrate the 100 communities leading the way to a more sustainable California. We’d like to especially congratulate those recognized cities who have been past, or are current and upcoming Sustainability Circle participants

Sustainability and the Power of Film

Who among us cannot cite a film that has inspired or transformed us — or imprinted an indelible memory in our lives? In the realm of sustainability interests, the same can be said. What comes to my mind are films that have changed an industry, brought down a company, raised awareness of unsustainable practices, or otherwise seized the conversation to open public debate on a pressing societal, environmental, or business practice.